Donation Partner: BlinkNow of Nepal

Hi All!

Michelle here, and I’m excited to announce that our first donor recipient will be BlinkNow, an organization serving the community of Surkhet, Nepal. With a children’s home, school, health clinic, and women’s center - BlinkNow strives to impact lives in Nepal for the better. They believe, “... that in the blink of an eye, we can all make a difference."

A quick overview of BlinkNow:

While on a backpacking trip traveling the world, founder Maggie Doyne met children on the dirt roads in the Himalayas struggling to survive. With her life savings, she bought land in Nepal and built Kopila Valley Children’s Home, which now houses 50 children!

Next came the Kopila Valley School which serves over 350 students, most of which are the first to attend school in their family! The Kopila Valley Women’s Center also educates, trains, and supports local women. A storefront allows the women to sell handmade items. The Kopila Valley Health Clinic gives children annual physicals, access to dental care, and immunizations - among other wrap around services to keep the women and children healthy. 

With a donation from Coverz, not only will those 50 children have a new blanket to keep them warm at night, but most of the items can also be made right in Nepal by the talented women in the Kopila Valley Women’s Center, creating jobs and stimulating the local economy.

You can make a difference for these children in Nepal through your purchases at Coverz. Visit our online store at 

For more information about BlinkNow, visit their website at: and on social media: Twitter @BlinkNow , Instagram: blinknoworg